Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Ticket

Yep, another tickets I bought for next year, for another places of course. Everybody said that I'm crazy, buying tickets for an (actually) uncertain future. Well, I don't really know why I bought those ticket, except for a realization - an understanding that those are my tickets to 'see the world'.

Call me crazy, call me gambling. I don't care. So much for listening some jealousy, some people that unwilling to jump off a cliff so that they'll never feel the freshness of the air and the breeze. Some people that think they'll never have a time to see the real world coz they are so damn busy.

Just leave out all that planning crap! You can do it if you really want to. "I don't know my schedule for next year" is not an excuse. I don't know either, but I'm taking the chances instead of saying "maybe next time". The next time would never come, Bro. Trust me!
It's a wish too, right? A wish that I'll be still alive by that time, I'll be ok that I can do all the travel. Just stop the criticism, just say amiin! :)

*That's all I can do, to make a little step to fulfill my dream! One by one, Bro. One by one.


  1. Makasih infonya...

  2. ASs Backlink yuk. Q dah ngelink nih. Mat puasa ya, bila muslim. Ass