Friday, April 28, 2006

28 April 2006

So many things playing in my mind lately. And I keep wondering why. Perhaps I need a chanel to let this emptyness go. But, what?
Sometimes I ask the world, it would be wonderful if we can separate our heart from our brain, wouldn't it? Since I'm not really sure where the place of feeling is, I can't build a wall to stop this kind of feeling interfere my brain. A wall that prevent me so that I don't have to do something stupid anymore. Sigh!

Aaah, by the way... yesterday I got a call from GM. They trust me (again) to read and give comment on manuscript that sent to them. Well, I think that reading those novels-wannabe has addicted me. Dunno why... Perhaps coz I can give aaany comment that I want (objectively, of course), and they believe in my opinion. Playing a little god actually :) But sometimes I feel guilty. Why? Daaa, those manuscripts are somebody's dream. What should I feel when I ruin someone's dream? Happy? I was trying to put my feet on their shoes. I think I'll scream to death when it happens to me. Hiks!

Ps: Temen-temen ngajak jalan ke Jogja tar 24-27 Mei. Lumayan sih, bisa sekalian hunting foto buat Terra Borobudur (untung bukan terra incognita :P). But I'm not so sure about it. You know how indecisive I am on a trip. Secara gw lebih suka sesuatu yang spontan gitu... Biasanya kalo sudah terlalu direncanain kan gak seru...


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    omg. touchy feelings. lame. make something funny like me at! no offence.

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    oops! i am soooooooooo sorry. seriously!